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Theodent Products

Once in a century, industry experiences a technological breakthrough that
is truly revolutionary and changes not only the way we think, but the way things are done.
For oral care that time is now!

THEODENT CLASSIC Whitening Crystal Mint

Theodent Products, THEODENT CLASSIC Whitening Crystal Mint

Theodent Classic is our flagship product and represents the first major innovative discovery in oral care in over a century. Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean, Theodent classic boasts a non-toxic and revolutionary alternative to fluoride, Rennou™. Theodent classic is ideal as a daily dentifrice replacement to traditional toxic fluoride therapies in the marketplace.

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THEODENT 300 Whitening Crystal Mint

Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint

Theodent 300 represents the extra-strength version of our proprietary formulation. This product is for the discerning Theodent customer that desires or needs the absolute highest dose of Rennou(tm) in the marketplace. Powered by this extra-strength dose of proprietary Rennou™,

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Theodent Kids Toothpaste

Theodent Kids fluoride-free toothpaste is the newest addition to the Theodent oral care line. Studies have shown that children ingest anywhere between 30%-75% of toothpaste while brushing. Traditional fluoride-based toothpastes carry federally mandated warning labels that caution consumers against ingestion.

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